Will & Trust Litigation

Any disputes that arise regarding wills and trusts can be emotionally taxing on a family. If you believe your loved one’s intentions are not being honored or a breach of fiduciary duty has otherwise occurred, the Will and Trust attorneys at Collins Brown Barkett, Chartered can help you take action through firm legal solutions that meet your needs and resolve problems. Since our Will and Trust attorneys in Vero Beach are experienced and well-versed in state and federal will and trust litigation, we are can take you through any necessary legal proceeding and act quickly within statutes of limitations. We can represent you in a claim against a trustee, a contested trust, and in third party lawsuits.

Our litigation experience includes:

Will contests and defense

Breach of fiduciary duty, responsibility,
and/or misconduct

Probate litigation

Probate fraud

Improper execution

Fee disputes

Elder abuse

Removal of trustees

Removal of executors

Removal of agents under power of attorney

Guardianship disputes

Creditor claims against estate

Fiduciary litigation

Clearing titles of real estate

Homestead issues

During a time that may be contentious and overwhelming, you will want the compassionate and accomplished will and trust attorneys at Collins Brown Barkett, Chartered looking out for your best interests. Call us today.

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