Child Custody Law

Whether you are still in the process of separation or have already divorced, the child custody lawyers at Collins Brown Barkett, Chartered are standing by to help you. 

Our Vero Beach based attorneys offer compassionate legal counsel and will work tirelessly to protect your rights. After examining your case, we help you understand the many factors that can determine custody and child support. Often, custody is divvied up between caregivers with a court-approved arrangement. This may include where the child is or will be going to school, which parent will be primarily responsible for healthcare, who will be responsible for daycare or after-school activities, how much time the visiting parent will have with the child, how the child will be communicated with, and other rights and responsibilities involved in child-rearing. With our years of experience in child custody law and the family court system, we will advocate for you and your child.

Collins Brown Barkett, Chartered also handles complicated cases regarding adoption, third-party custody, and parental rights. Child custody cases can be difficult and emotional. Let us protect your interests and navigate you through this challenging time.   

To learn more about our family law and child custody services in Vero Beach, contact our team today. 

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