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Financial exploitation of the elderly has become one of the most widespread forms of elderly abuse in our country. Exploitation can take place in various forms – which include lottery schemes, online romance scams, investments, insurance and also by simply relying on individuals who are caretakers, family members, etc. Unfortunately, many senior citizens or relatives do not discover the fraud until after the loss of funding or assets has taken place.

Often there are warning signs that the senior citizen is being victimized, which include: Suspicious or unusual behavior, change in personality, isolation from loved ones, large and recurring financial transactions with bank accounts and credit cards, unusual financial transactions (large checks written to an unfamiliar person or Bitcoin transactions to send funds internationally), caregiver too involved in finances, large and unnecessary home repairs or purchases.

If you feel that you or a member of your family has been exploited, you can make an anonymous call to the State of Florida Elder Abuse Hotline and the number is 800-962-2873. Please also contact us for an initial free consultation to discuss the legal options that may
be available.

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