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Guardianship Attorney

A guardian is the primary decision maker when a minor or adult is mentally or physically unable to make decisions on their own.
Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes is the law that governs guardianships. A court will appoint a committee of three members, usually two physicians and a person that can give their expert opinion on the situation. The person in question will go through a physical examination, mental health examination and functional assessment tests.

Guardianship for a minor can occur when one or both parents are deceased, the parent is incapacitated or the minor has received an inheritance or proceeds from a lawsuit or insurance policy that exceeds the amount allowed by Florida statute.

Guardianship for an adult
occurs when the court finds that an individual does not have the ability to make decisions on their own. Voluntary guardianship can be put in place if an adult is incapable of managing their own estate even if they are mentally competent.

Types of Guardianship:
  • Foreign guardian
  • Corporate guardian
  • Plenary guardian
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Guardian advocate
  • Professional guardian
  • Nonprofit corporate guardian
  • Preneed guardian
  • Standby guardian
  • Surrogate guardian
  • Temporary guardian
  • Emergency guardian
  • Voluntary guardian
  • Involuntary guardian
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