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Estate & Trust Administration

At Collins Brown Barkett, Chartered, we create and execute all estate and trust planning to best serve you and your beneficiaries now and in the years to come. Administration of an estate or trust can be a daunting task and requires careful planning. Working in tandem with our clients and trust and probate administrators, we provide the guidance and assurance needed to allow trustees and personal representatives to perform their duties with confidence.

We first identify all estate property and financial assets, ensuring the most financially efficient estate administration setup, including creation and execution of wills, estate trusts for spouses, and all tax matters. We minimize tax liability, as estate and trust administration can have significant financial consequences for current and future beneficiaries, and we make every effort to maximize estate and trust income.

We also offer expertise in:

Trust administration after death

Estate and inheritance tax returns

Estate and gift tax audits

Advising on fiduciary income tax issues

Advising trustees of multigenerational trusts

Distribution of estate assets

Modification of irrevocable trusts

Advising beneficiaries

Estate and trust administration can be an overwhelming endeavor, and our attorneys right here in Vero Beach are ready to assist you in every way we can.

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