Estate Planning, Wills, & Trusts

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

At Collins Brown Barkett Garavaglia & Lawn we have attorneys on staff who are ready to help you and your family with estate planning, wills and trusts. Estate planning is one of many important aspects to take care of in order to relieve the stress and pain this can be caused to you family in the future without a plan.

We can help put an effective plan together or work on your existing plan tailored to your final wishes and needs.

Florida Wills

Having a will gives you the power to divide your assets and properties up the way that you would like. Without a will the courts will come in and make those decisions. In Florida in order to write up a will the testator (maker of the will) has to be at least 18 years old, be of sound mind, be written out, as well as be witnessed and notarized according to Florida will laws.

Florida Living Trusts 

Also known as a revocable trust, living trusts are used in estate planning as a tool to provide additional benefits that may not be available with will planning. Living trusts are not a replacement for wills but they do provide for sometimes avoiding probate and possibly save taxes after death. Consult with one of our attorneys to learn more about trusts!  

We can discuss in further detail how to fill forms out, filing taxes and other procedures necessary to save time and money in the future.  Meet with one of our attorneys who have experience in the areas of estate planning, wills and trusts. Plan for you and your family’s future today at Collins Brown Barkett Garavaglia & Lawn in Vero Beach.

Consult with one of our estate planning attorneys at our law firm today!

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