Foreclosure Attorneys

Foreclosure Attorneys in Vero Beach, FL

Collins Brown Barkett Garavaglia & Lawn, Chartered is a full service law firm that specializes in many areas of the law including foreclosures. 

It is well advised to seek a foreclosure attorney because in the state of Florida foreclosure litigations are handled as a judicial foreclosure. A judicial foreclosure goes through the Florida state court system initiated by a complaint from the lender to the borrower as well as a summons about the foreclosure.

 Our firm has handled foreclosure litigation for commercial and residential properties.

As attorneys in Vero Beach, FL we have experience representing clients in the Florida appellate courts, federal bankruptcy courts, federal trial courts, Florida District Court of Appeals, Florida Supreme Court and Florida State Trial Courts.

When you need an experienced and reliable foreclosure attorney contact Collins Brown Barkett Garavaglia & Lawn, Chartered today!

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